Kandis Mascall


The voice for your story

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The world is a crazy and unpredictable place. We need communicators who are capable of making sense of the life altering events that seem to occur on a daily basis. More than ever, the masses have a need for trustworthy journalists who tell the stories that matter, journalists with conviction, enthusiasm, and heart. Everyone has a story; Kandis Mascall is the voice for your story.


Kandis is a storyteller by passion and a journalist by trade, and she creates content on a daily basis. Currently, she showcases her talent and storytelling prowess by producing news pieces for the number one morning news show in the country, Good Morning America. Kandis has proven to be a versatile journalist by covering a wide range of topics, from the death of George Floyd and subsequent protest, monstrous weather events such as hurricanes and wildfires, to Beyonce breaking the internet with her blockbuster film “Black Is King.” Kandis is never afraid to tackle any project or find new, creative ways to tell a story.


Those who experience content produced by Kandis Mascall, can expect high quality stories that utilize compelling video, immersive sound, and credible characters. Kandis will always create fair and balanced content that drives to the heart of the current issues facing society. She hopes that her stories will allow consumers to make informed decisions that can positively affect their lives.


Kandis began her career at ABC News, first starting out as an intern for the Washington bureau covering the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon. She also served as a production intern for the acclaimed newsmagazine program, Nightline. After two successful internships, Kandis began her career at Good Morning America where she worked for nearly three years. Kandis currently serves as a Segment Producer for Nightline.