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Bark Box Aims to Help Entertain Your Pandemic Puppy

The global pandemic has upended American life in a multitude of ways, but perhaps one of the more positive trends stemming from more people being at home is pet adoptions. From Los Angeles to New York City, animal shelters across the country reported spikes in demand for canine companions, according to the Washington Post. As new dog owners are reviewing their checklists for supplies, one company has set the standard for one of the most important tools in a pet parent's arsenal: toys and treats.

Courtesy Bark Box

Bark Box, a monthly themed subscription service, was launched in 2012. The company boasts all-natural treats and fun toys for all types of canines. They even tailor a box for the most ferocious of chewers, dubbed the Super Chewer. Every box comes with two contemporary toys, two bags of treats, and something special for your pup to chew on. The company says more than 2 million dogs have received their products. Subscribers can rest easy knowing that their products will arrive directly at their doors as staying in the home has become the new normal.

Courtesy Bark Box

Toys aren't something that should be treated as an afterthought for new dog owners. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), "Toys are fantastic at preventing problem behaviours such as excessive barking and inappropriate chewing. They also give your pup more control of their environment, which also helps to keep their stress levels at bay. And the more toys they have to choose from, the more relaxed they'll feel."

Right now, Bark Box is offering six free bonus toys for their spa-themed box. Make your dog's day and sign up for high-quality treats and toys for your pup to enjoy during the pandemic.