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  • Kandis Mascall

Common Household Item Takes Dental Hygiene To a New Level

This common household item tends to be found in kitchens across America, and now ARM & HAMMER baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is making appearances in the bathroom as well. The fight against teeth stains and plaque can be hard-fought, but luckily ARM & HAMMER baking soda could be that missing ingredient to get those coveted pearly whites.

The concoction is simple: 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a small amount of water. That's it! However, one may wonder, "What can baking soda do that my current toothpaste, which doesn't contain baking soda, can't?"

According to The Journal of The American Dental Association, "Besides its low-abrasive nature, baking soda has biological compatibility, acts as an acid-buffering agent, and possesses antibacterial activity in high concentrations. Other advantageous features are that baking soda is compatible with fluoride and is inexpensive."

Andrew Mascall brushing with ARM & HAMMER baking soda

Andrew Mascall, 59, recently made the switch to plain old baking soda and water, and he says it was an adjustment, "The taste is a little salty, and it feels rough in your mouth. I have to make sure I rinse super well." However, Mascall has started to see some positive changes. He has reported seeing whiter teeth and favorable assessments from his dentist.

Like most things, though, brushing with baking soda should be done carefully and in moderation. Baking soda alone does not fight cavities or remineralize teeth in the way that toothpaste containing fluoride does. But, do not fret; ARM & HAMMER has found a solution.

Courtesy: ARM & HAMMER

The best of both worlds is now available with the company's AdvanceWhite toothpaste which contains not only their famous baking soda but peroxide as well. Cavities and yellow teeth are one step closer to being a thing of the past.

As for Mascall, he says he prefers to use the baking soda technique once a week and use his regular toothpaste on the other days.