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  • Kandis Mascall

Scene75 Is Back and Bigger Than Before

The Dayton location of Scene75 finally opened its doors on December 16 after sustaining two major setbacks. The first setback happening in the spring of 2019 when several tornadoes touched down and wreaked havoc in the Gem City. The twisters demolished several homes and businesses, including Scene75.

"Seventeen tornadoes tore through the Dayton community, and at least one went right through our building. When I first rolled up that day to see the damage, it was just true devastation. My mom had actually called me that morning, and she said, and I quote, 'Scene75 is gone,'" said Jonah Sandler, the founder and CEO of Scene75.

Courtesy: Jonah Sandler

In the midst of rebuilding the entertainment center back to its former glory, the coronavirus pandemic befell upon the globe. The state of Ohio was forced to shut down during the spring as health and government officials scrambled to understand the spread of the virus.

"It's been very difficult to survive a shutdown and the reduced attendance that we've seen at some of our venues. We're not like a traditional restaurant. We can't really make up for our lost volume by trying to do delivery service or something along those lines. So we're pretty much shut down with zero revenue during the government shutdowns," said Sandler.

Despite the odds and being closed for 19 months, the venue welcomed its first customers a week before Christmas. However, this Scene75 was not the same as before, "We decided that we were also going to rebuild and rebuild bigger and better. We added a roller coaster. It's an indoor spin coaster; it's a lot of fun. We have a new tropical mini-golf course. It has a waterfall, three ponds, and different fountains. So it's just truly a beautiful sight to see," said Sandler.

The venue also added batting cages, a banquet hall that can host 300 people, and a two-story carousel dubbed The Adeline in honor of Sandler's late grandmother. Guests have already begun to patronize the business, and some say they are thankful for the extra safety precautions in place as the pandemic continues.

"I think they did a really good job. I really appreciate that they keep wiping things down, with Covid being such a high risk right now," said one mom who brought her children to the venue.

While renovations are not completely finished, Sandler says he and his team are excited for the future of Scene75, "To see guests coming through, smiling through their mask and having a good time within the facility, it's been 19 months in the waiting. We've just been thrilled."